UpdatesAnnouncement shutdown of Arukas beta service

Announcement shutdown of Arukas beta service

Thank you very much for using our service.

As for the beta service version of Docker container hosting service “Arukas” which began offering service from April 2016, we will shutdown the service on July 31, 2017.

■ Arukas beta service end date
July 31, 2017

About the schedule until the beta service ends

June 23, 2017: End of acceptance of new application
* For customers who have already applied for reservation and are currently waiting for reservation, we will send guidance start information as soon as we have enough resources to accommodate the application, until the service provision end date .

July 31, 2017: Stop all applications
※ For this schedule, there is a possibility of going back and forth depending on the situation.

About personal information

We will delete the all customer personal information.
When releasing the Arukas official version, registration of personal information is necessary again as necessary.

About application and data

All your applications and data will be deleted.
At the time of the release of Arukas official version, applications will not be taken over at all.

About Arukas official version Releases

The expected release date is undecided.